Blauvelt Funeral Home History

history.jpg The Blauvelt Funeral Home was first established as the Kolb Funeral Home in 1919 under the ownership of R.C. Kolb. In 1958 Mr. Kolb sold the business to Sherman Allgeier. Upon Mr. Allgeier's retirement on January 1, 1978, Richard J. Blauvelt, who had been an employee of the Kolb-Allgeier Funeral Home, purchased the business.

On August 28, 2006, Mr. Blauvelt broke ground for a new ultra modern funeral home. The new facility would feature the latest technology available. Mr. Blauvelt designed the new facility with a new concept in the funeral industry- a funeral store. It is one of the very first funeral stores in the nation. It provides funeral merchandise direct to the public at discount prices, featuring a large display of: Urns, Keepsakes, Jewelry, Clothing, and Sympathy cards, Markers, Flowers, Caskets, Vaults. The store also includes a Veterans Center and Pet Loss Center.

The new Blauvelt Funeral Home opened August 4, 2007, moving from its old location on Waverly Street to the new location on 625 Broad Street in Waverly, New York. The Blauvelt Funeral Home was purchased by Ronald LaFritz on January 1, 2017.