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Eva C. Hanneman

September 26, 1919 - March 27, 2020


Waverly, New York

Date of Death:

March 27, 2020



Birth Date:

September 26, 1919

Birth Place:

Alfred, New York

Service Information:

Private Services at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, New York



Lakeside Cemetery, Hamlin, New York

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Eva C. Hanneman

Eva C. Hanneman, 100, of Waverly passed away on Friday, March 27, 2020 at Elderwood at Waverly.

She was predeceased by her parents, Herman and Marian Hanneman; and brother and sister-in-law, William H. and Marjorie Hanneman of MD.

Eva is survived by her nephew, Paul and Beth Hanneman of MD; niece, Vicki Lynn and Kevin Wallace of United Arab Emirates; and friend and golf partner, Jackie Clark of Waverly.

Eva graduated from Alfred-Almond High School and went on to graduate from Alfred University with her Bachelors and Masters in Education.  She went on to work at Waverly High School as a math teacher. 

She enjoyed bowling and playing a round of golf at the Tioga Country Club where she was a member.  She was also a member of the Zion Lutheran Church in Owego for many years.

A private service will be held at the Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, NY where pastor Timm Heath will officiate and burial will follow in Lakeside Cemetery in Hamlin, New York.  Those wishing to send a private message of sympathy to Eva’s family may visit our Facebook page or in “Obituaries” at

Sympathy Messages

From: Gabriella Albanese
Ms. Hanneman was a great lady and great teacher. My father was also a teacher at Waverly in the same years she taught there,and she was very much respected and loved. My sincere condolences to your family

From: Susan Safford
I had Miss Hanneman for math in high school. She taught me how to use a slide rule. She was a great person. She was an advisor to different student organizations. I remember her telling the class about a fund raiser form her early days of teaching when students went door-to-door selling boxes of salt for 10 cents each. My father taught in the high school the same time she did, and he kept up with her after they retired. One of our last conversations before my father died was about Miss Hanneman. My sympathies to her friends and family.

From: Karen Benton
My heart is sad...Miss Hanneman was one my favorites in high school, always helpful. One of our last conversations was at the craft fair in the church many years ago. I always admired her hair, she told me not to rush it would come! She was a lovely woman.. My thoughts are with you.

From: Hal Bonning
Ms. Hanneman was an excellent mathematics teacher. Probably not one her best math students, she taught with an understated ability to inspire and I learned. Ms. Hanneman was not flamboyant but had a steady confidence that was reflected in her teaching abilities.  It was an honor to have had her as a teacher. 
She may be gone but certainly not forgotten. 
Rest In Peace, Ms. Hanneman and thank you for being my teacher.

From: Daniel Halton
In a long lifetime of gifts received, few measure up in value to those gifts bestowed by a skilled and generous teacher and mentor.  Eva Hanneman was my high school math teacher for several semesters. Early on when I was a good student, she made mathematics interesting and exciting.  In my final high school semester, when I suffered from arrogance and burnout,  she was patient with me as I largely wasted her time.  Years later in college when I did well in mathematics and engineering, I hope I did honor to her efforts as my beloved teacher.  Rest in peace Miss Hanneman.

From: Patrick J Halton
I was certainly not one of Miss Hanneman's favorite math students, but she was my favorite math teacher!  She could teach at all levels at the same time, assuring that everyone in attendance left class with a better understanding of a most important subject.  I only wish that my ability to learn was on the same level as her ability to teach!

From: Ed O,Brien, Jr.
Miss Hanneman was one of my favorite teachers in the Waverly school  system. She had an amazing ability to connect, inspire and teach me. Her influence had a major
Impact on me that endured throughout my life.  I regret that
I never returned to thank her.

From: Neil Nelsen
I was in Miss Hanneman's class for 10th, 11th and 12th year math back in the late 50's and early 60's.  I can remember always looking forward to those classes and when I graduated I left feeling that she was one of the best teachers that Waverly had to offer at that time.
Rest in peace Miss Hanneman!

From: Jackie Clinton
The world is a little dimmer today knowing Ms. Hannerman is no longer with us.  She was a dedicated teacher always looking out for the interest of all her students.  She did not play favorites - all her students were her favorites!!  I was newly transferred to Waverly High in 9th grade mid-year from another school district.  I had Ms. Hannerman for Algebra that year and it was evident what I had learned to-date in Algebra and what Ms. Hannerman had taught to-date did not quite coincide with one another and my mid-term exam reflected that very much!!  Somehow, Ms. Hannerman was able to integrate some of the topics again into those she progressed through to cover all the topics necessary in the school curriculum. I do not know how many remember, she put a challenge out at the end of school year that she would give anyone who got 100 on the Algebra Regents exam a $1.  Thanks to Ms. Hanerman, I was able to do that as small tribute to her efforts!  Teachers such as she are treasures.  Waverly High was lucky to have her.  She was among the teachers I always remember when reflecting back to my High School years.  

To Ms. Hannerman's family and fronds, know she was respected and beloved by the many students she taught.  Heaven has opened its arms to a wonderful soul

From: Robin Willson
What a wonderful teacher and person! She made math make sense when so many of us had no faith that we would ever get it. And had such great patience until we did. We were blessed to have her! 
Prayers for you, her family. We all feel her loss even though we have not seen her in years. She left a mark on our hearts.

From: Stephen Tubbs
Ms.Hanneman was my trig teacher at WHS and through her expertise as an instructor and her kindness as a person she managed to make me like math.  She was an exceptional educator and a wonderful person who was kind and caring to everyone and was adored by her students.  God bless her and her family; may she rest in the arms of the Lord forever.

From: Lori Lewis Gardner
My condolences to all of Miss Hanneman’s family. I remember her as a great math teacher. Miss Hanneman was patient enough to help me ,a not so smart math student, to pass HS math classes to be able to progress to college.

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