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Ferdinand A. Cavallaro

December 21, 1952 - November 11, 2018


Waverly, New York

Date of Death:

November 11, 2018



Birth Date:

December 21, 1952

Birth Place:

Brooklyn, New York

Service Information:

Thursday, November 15, 2015 at 3:00 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, NY


Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 1 to 3 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, NY


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Ferdinand A. Cavallaro

Ferdinand “Fred” A. Cavallaro, 65 of Waverly passed away peacefully at home with his loving wife, Leah, by his side on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

He was predeceased by his mother, Anne; and infant daughter, Catherine.

Fred is survived by his loving wife, Leah of Waverly; father, Ferdinand (Jillian); sister, Nancy (Roland); mother-in-law, Darlene; sister-in-law, Melanni (Jay); nephews, Caleb and Casper; along with many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Fred was born in NYC to Ferdinand and Anne Cavallaro.  He attended Brooklyn Poly Tech School. 

His outgoing personality, charisma, and big infectious smile ensured Fred’s success as an entrepreneur both in Manhattan and Sayre, where he came to know the area through visiting lifelong friend, Jim Cook.

Fred married Leah Diniz in 2010.  He owned and operated ESS in Waverly.

He enjoyed racquetball, shuffleboard and bocce.  He and Leah enjoyed their membership in Sons of Italy.

A time of calling will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 1 to 3 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly.  A memorial service to honor Fred’s life will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 3 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street,  Waverly with Deacon Mike Donovan officiating.  Those wishing to send a message of sympathy to Fred’s family may visit our Facebook page or in “Obituaries” at

Sympathy Messages

From:  Kathie Mickey
Email Address:
Dear Leah,
I am so sorry for your loss.  Fred was a great guy, a good friend and will be truly missed-

From:  John & Jackie Keiers
Email Address:
Oh Leah - We are so sorry to hear of Fred’s passing.  We got to know Fred through Jim Cook, and really enjoyed his company.  We knew him well as our neighbor on S. Wilbur Ave in Sayre. When our son Johnnie was two, Fred came to his Birthday party.  He gave Johnnie a one-hundred dollar savings bond.  Fred told Johnnie, “I know you don’t know it now, but someday this will help you buy your first car.”  Johnnie is now 16 and still has the bond Fred gave him.  I have a photo of Fred throwing a balloon up in the air with that smile of his.  Again Leah, so sorry for your loss. We will remember Fred fondly.

With Deep Sorrow and Much Sympathy,
John, Jackie and Johnnie Keiers

From:  Evelyn Huminik
Email Address:
I met Fred when he first moved to the valley.
Everyone loved him from day one. You were lucky to
have spent 8 years with him. Should you need any help feel free to call me. We are going to miss him.
My heart goes out to you.


From:  Susan Hinkson
Email Address:
Leah and Family,

I was thinking of Fred just the other day - maybe I had a feeling or premonition. As you know, I met Fred many, many, many years ago on the shuffleboard table. His never ending grin, joking ways, sun glasses always hanging from his neck (even on dreary days!), and that sloooooow stride! That was Fred! And shots - lots of shots we drank together! Fred was such a wonderful person, both inside and out. He will be so greatly missed by those of us who had the pleasure of knowing him. Although I can't be with you tomorrow to say goodbye, please know that my dear friend will always hold a very special place in my heart.

With deep sadness,

Susan - Fred's Towanda Shuffleboard Partner

From:Fred's sister, Nancy
Email Address:

My brother was one of the most honest people I’ve ever known.  I never knew him as a man or a boy to tell a lie.  When he was in first grade, there would be a candy break each day in the afternoon.  It meant you put some candy on your desk and were allowed to munch away for 5 minutes and then it was back to school work.  Every day, the boy at the desk ahead of Fred would turn around and try to take Fred’s candy.  One day, my brother told this kid: “If you try to take my candy tomorrow, I’m going to sock you one.”  Sure enough, the next day out came the candy and this kid tried to take my brother’s candy and, true to his word, my brother socked him one.  The nun came running over to remonstrate with my brother: “We don’t hit each other.  No matter what the problem, we keep our hands to ourselves and we are never violent.  Do you understand, Ferdinand?”  My brother said: “Yes.  I understand.  If he tries to take my candy tomorrow, I have to wait until we’re outside of school to sock him one.”   He couldn’t just nod OK; he just had to say the truth.

The funny thing is that if that kid had simply said: “Boy, that candy looks good”,  my brother would have given it to him.  Because he was one of the most generous people I’ve ever come across.  He always picked up the tab – it tickled him to think people were having a good time thanks to him.  And if there was someone in need, he would give of his time, his efforts and anything material he had in order to make their lives better.

He had a wicked sense of humor.  He could see the absurdity and incongruity of a situation and was able to succinctly articulate it with that gleam in his eye and that impish smile and even if the joke was on you, you had to laugh with him.  Even when he was going through so much, that humor did not leave him.  During one of his physical therapy sessions that was not going so well, the therapist said that they had to get him stronger because Leah was a small woman and so the more Fred could do, the easier it would be for Leah to assist him.  Fred said: “Well, if I knew this was going to happen to me, I would have married a much bigger woman.”  We just burst out laughing.  On a good day, when he was able to walk on his own with the use of a walker, he got to the end of the hallway and did a little two-step, looked back at me and smiled.  I won’t forget that smile.

Fred was also a really smart guy and a hard worker.  He started ESS and thanks to him people are employed.  I like to think of that as one of his legacies because hopefully that company can continue and so people will continue to be employed thanks to his initiative.

I was happy to meet his friends and clients and employees at the funeral, not because they were there to honor him after his death but because it meant there were so many people in his life upstate who accepted his love during his lifetime and reciprocated it.  And love does not die.  So if all that loves continues to get disseminated to each other, Fred lives on.

From:  Cousin Ferdinand (Fred) Ling Island NY
Email Address:
First let me say how sorry I am to the family, and to all that knew Fred. My cousin was older than me, I always looked up to him. I always enjoyed when he would come out to the Island from NYC or when we spent holidays in Brooklyn. When I became old enough and traveled to NYC, I would always stop in and see him. He was a very generous person and a lot of fun. I have such great memories of partying in NYC and going to a bar or two, or three with him. One night we were on Long Islandia a bar, we having a great time and he looked at the bartender and said , a round for everyone in the bar. That one had to hurt, lol. I did try to talk him out of it.
What was strange was a few weeks before his passing I called him. We talked about me driving my mother to see him and Leaha. He said he wasn’t feeling well but it sounded like a great idea. That was the last time we spoke. It is with a heavy heart I wish him peace and to watch over us. Gob Bless, love your cuz Ferdinand Caravousanos

From:  Robert Burro
Email Address:
Fred was my best friend at Brooklyn Tech High School. We started together as freshman and graduated in 1970. I haven't had contact with Fred for almost 50 years -  as I attended College out of state and we went our separate ways.
I woke this morning and for some unknown reason I thought of Fred and our days at Tech. The feeling was strong enough that I Googled Fred's name and unfortunately came to learn that he had passed two weeks ago. I accepted this as a message that Fred wanted me to pray for him and his family.
Fred was a very caring person even in his early teens. We ate lunch together for most of our four years at Tech. If he observed someone eating alone he would call them over to join us. He was always inclusive of people and caring for their feelings. You can talk to Fred about anything troubling you and he would listen with an attentive ear. A great sense of humor and very observant. I really wish we had kept in touch over the years.
It appears that Fred continued to grow to be a wonderful, caring person and will be missed by all close to him. I will always cherish my memories of him and will keep him and his family in my prayers.

An old Friend,
Robert Burro
Brooklyn Tech H.S. Class of 1970

From: Charles Nicholas
I just learned of Fred's passing. I met Fred at Knickers where he was the head Bartender before he opened his own place. I was 18 and he was 27. I was always amazed how he packed the bar as soon as his shift started. People just wanted to be around him. The bar could be 3 layers deep but he could project his voice and direct it at a single person in the back, carry on a conversation with them, all without yelling or disturbing the other patrons. He did this while continuing to serve other people.  He had the most amazing energy and made people feel good, safe and at home. He really should have been a therapist. But I guess that is a skill of a great bartender. He had such a warm heart that was felt by all around him.  I learned so many life skills from him. As he passed you, he would rub your back and in that moment you felt better than any professional massage you would get for an hour. His laughter was contagious and he could communicate so much with just a facial expression. Really special person who helped shape my life. Thank you Fred for your kindness, direction, integrity and humor.


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