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Harvey A. Gryttenholm

April 15, 1947 - February 2, 2021


Waverly, New York

Date of Death:

February 2, 2021



Birth Date:

April 15, 1947

Birth Place:

St. Paul, Minnesota

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Harvey A. Gryttenholm


Sympathy Messages

From: Bonnie Drury
Dear Angela, Kelly & Connie- 
We all know the end of life will come but are never really prepared for the loss. Especially losing a father at a relatively young age is even harder. I hold fond memories of my cousin, Harvey and his youthful passion for raising carrier pigeons. It was always fun to visit and watch when he would send his birdies off...and then we would wait for their return soon after. His joy in astronomy was evident as he would send me "cosmo" articles and share his sightings. Ha!! Keep the happy memories close to your hearts as you grieve. God bless you. With Sympathy, Bonnie (Zirbes)

From: Cathy Westmoreland
I was so sorry to hear about your father passing away.
These last couple years that  he had contacted me he always used to talk about his daughters Kelly and Angela and grandchildren and would send pictures of you. He did have two beautiful girls. He always wished how he could have seen you more.
I wish you and your family peace and comfort.
You all will be in my heart and thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. 
Good bless you

From: Joseph P. Zirbes
Dear Angela, Kelly and Connie,
We have spoken so many times now that I'm at a loss for words. I would always joke with Harvey that we were brothers from a different mother. In fact, I was able to hold him as a baby shortly after he was born. We were inseparable during our early years and we were together as often as possible as we grew older. We spoke or emailed daily for the last 25 years. He was that much a part of my life. I literally could write a book. I will miss him terribly as I know you will. He spoke of you all so very often. Please accept my condolences and stay in touch. Rest in peace dear cousin.

From: Jeff Brown
Harvey was a great friend of mine for 35 years, beginning in Warner Robbins, Ga. We always kept in touch with each other, sometimes 3-5 times a day since the internet made it so easy. I hope he is remembered as a genius, because he ways. I never saw a problem that he could not fix. Amazing man and a master of so many trades and skills. I miss him. A great man and true friend. 

Thank you all so much for both your condolences and for also sharing some of your fondest memories of my AMAZING "Daddy Pooh" (What I always called him).  Since the very second that I received the news that my daddy was no longer hear, my world has not been the same and it never will be again.  It's extremely difficult to put into words exactly how I am feeling right now. Grief is a strange thing and not everyone copes with it the same. Some days I really shock myself with how well I'm doing and then other days, I feel as though I could cry all day long and yet it wouldn't come ANYWHERE CLOSE to filling the huge hole I now have in my heart knowing that he's REALLY GONE. I'm no longer able to call him and talk about what movies we've recently watched and/or talk about how funny "Bill Burr" (One of his favorite comedians) is. Just ONE of MANY fond memories I have of him from when Kelly and I were still little are the rides we'd take in his 69' Corvette Stingray. We were both little enough to where we were able to sit on the passenger side together under the same seatbelt as dad would drive us to school. I still remember how "Cool" I thought I was at 8 yrs old to have my dad dropping me off at school in that car I remember he'd speed up when he'd see a hill up ahead because he knew how much Kelly and I loved it when the dips in the road would grab our stomachs. He had even gone as far as pulling our school bus out of the ditch one time by chaining it to his Corvette... I still can't believe to this day that he was actually able to pull a SCHOOL BUS out of 3 ft. of snow with that car I could go on and on as far as all of the awesome memories I have of my daddy and will forever hold every single one of them near and dear to my heart until I see him again....which I believe without a doubt I one day will. I love and miss you "Daddy Pooh".


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