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Raymond E. Fraley

April 13, 1950 - February 18, 2021


Waverly, New York

Date of Death:

February 18, 2021



Birth Date:

April 13, 1950

Birth Place:

Waverly, New York

Service Information:


Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 12 to 2 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, New York


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Raymond E. Fraley

Raymond E. Fraley, 70, of Waverly, N.Y., passed away peacefully on Thursday, February 18, 2021. He was born on April 13, 1950, in Waverly, NY, the son of the late Eugene R. and Betty Jane (McClary) Fraley. 

Ray is survived by his son, Brian Fraley; daughter, Lindsay (Billy) Mariani; sisters, Marilyn Owens, Delores (Kenneth) Smith; brothers, Alan (Barb) Fraley and Ronald (Karen) Fraley; and several very special nieces and nephews.

Ray graduated from Waverly High School in 1968.  During his formative years, Ray worked at Fraley’s Amusement Park with his family.  This included assisting at the roller-skating rink and playing the drums in the family band.

After graduating high school, Ray received an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Technology from Corning Community College in 1971, and later earned a BT in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University.   Ray commenced his career in the glass industry as a draftsman for Thatcher Glass.  On December 21, 1973, he embarked on a 46-year career at Corning Glass where he remained proudly employed until his retirement in January 2020.  Ray is recognized worldwide as the subject matter expert for melt system design for Display Technologies. He was a “boots on the ground and roll your sleeves up and get dirty” type of engineer who recognized the value of the opinions of floor personnel and incorporated their suggestions into his designs.   He was extremely approachable and considered to be a mentor by his colleagues.  Of his many accomplishments, one of the most significant was the promotion to Sr. Engineering Associate in 2014 – a highly esteemed recognition at Corning, Inc. He holds several patents for melt design techniques and led the earthquake design efforts for melt systems in earthquake zones. 

Ray’s career at Corning was also marked by extensive travel to Korea, Japan, and Taiwan where he developed an intense appreciation for their cultures.  Those who were fortunate enough to travel with him soon discovered that Ray had an established fan base in the locales he frequented, and he demonstrated a keen likeness to Frank Sinatra during Karaoke sessions. His passion for design was always present and ideas sometimes manifested themselves on cocktail napkins in his favorite establishments.  His engineering expertise extended to the culinary arts where the drafting board was replaced by a grill or pizza oven.

A time of calling will be held on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 12 to 2 PM at Blauvelt Funeral Home, 625 Broad Street, Waverly, New York.  Memorial donations may be made in Ray’s name to the R.E. Fraley Technology and Engineering Scholarship you can make checks payable to the The Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers at 104 West Lockhart Street, Sayre, PA, 18840.  Those wishing to send a message of sympathy to Ray’s family may visit our Facebook page or in “Obituaries” at  

Sympathy Messages

From: Tom Capek
With all my thoughts and prayers.  Ray was a best friend and I will miss him dearly.   God Bless Ray.

From: Tom Anastasio
I had the pleasure of working with Ray at Corning Incorporated and he had such a great sense of humor. He had a lot of friends at Corning all across the world and will be missed dearly.

From: Taeho Park, CPM
I am so sorry to hear that Ray left us this early.
I don't know how to express my this big sorrow...
He was really respectful mentor and good friend to all, especially to CPM engineers. We will remember him forever.
I wish he takes peaceful rest. 

From: Josh Ding
I met Ray back in 2009 and we started to travel to Asia together. We worked in the field together, got stuck in the elevator together, ate soup dumplings together and drank late into the evenings together. I feel very close to Ray like he is more than just my mentor.  I miss your wisdom and laughter so much. Rest In Peace.

From: Donggun Lee
I couldn’t believe when I heard Ray passed away and I believe that every one who knows Ray feels same way too.
It has been a great honor of working with Ray over the past 15 years in Corning. He was a great person and more than friend.
God bless you Ray and I wish you peace and comfort. 

From: SK YOO
It is a honor that i had a chance to work with yoo. I will keep mossing you.
Rest in peace~

From: Hosoon Lee
Dear my great mentor.
One gentleman always had a well-ironed shirt and pants, brown/black notes and shoes.
After joining Corning as a techinician and up to SEA, he loved his job and his colleague every single day.
You an I promised to meet each other after COVID19. 
It became the only promise we couldn't keep.
I will miss you, Ray.

From: Stephen Huber
Words can not explain what you have given to my life. From taking me under your wing in the begging of the Display days, sharing apartments  in Japan and Korea and all the countless hours of plotting new designs and the best ways to implement them. All those notes on your famous green notepad. Most of all your friendship. I will miss those random phone calls checking in to see how I was doing and what I had been up to. Meticulous to a tee. 
Heaven will be a better place!  RIP “Raymie

From: Jim Murphy
Ray was a wonderful guy and so much fun to work with. I know I learned a lot from Ray, as did many others. He truly will be missed. RIP brother!

From: Linda Brooks
I had the pleasure of working with Ray for 13 years at Corning. He will be missed!  My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest In Peace Ray.

From: Mal Adams
It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Ray Fraley. He was a friend and a Brother to me. He was a regular customer at my restaurant bar in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan where Corning Corp. had a major plant. He was a respected engineer and mentor who earned the love and respect of all that came in contact with him, especially his Japanese counterparts. It is a sad day for me and my family who loved him as much as I. I was a guest at his home in Waverly on more than one occasion. He'll be sorely missed! I'm happy that he can finally rest in eternal peace along side his Creator. I'm praying for the peaceful repose of his soulful soul.
Until we meet again, Ramie. Love you, Man.

From: Ken Mortensen
God bless Ray. He was a good friend and trusted colleague. I will miss his smile and sense of humor. 
My prayers to his family.
Ken Mortensen
Brother Mal in Japan
My condolences to his family and friends.

From: Ron McEwen
Ray was my best friend growing up. Always fun to be around. Such a great loss to those who knew him.

From: Dennis Hay
How can you have a tear in your eye and yet be smiling at the same time?  I am saddened by the news of Ray’s passing but it released a rush of good memories from our 25+ years of working together.  My condolences to his family and many friends.
Only Ray and few others will likely understand the following toast to my buddy”
“Raaaaay!!!  I raise a glass of Family Mart’s finest Orange Fanta and reminisce about our friendship.  Rest In Peace.”

From: Larry Kotacska
I have known Ray for over 44 years. We took many trips together. Ray was work hard play hard. Ray was always thinking of a better way to do things. He helped to improve the way we melt glass. Ray started off as a drafting technician and ended his career as a Senior Engineering Associate. A tribute and recognition to Ray.

From: Jinsoo Kim
I have known Ray since 2002 and had the pleasure of working with him all the time. And I love his great sensor of humor.  Ray was the legend in CPM. Rest in peace.

From: Bill Brackett
I had the privilege of working with Ray for 10 years. I’ll always remember stopping by his desk when I was in town to just talk engineering stuff and take in what knowledge I could. Rest In Peace my friend.

From: Lindsay Fraley Mariani
Thank you for sharing your memories of my dad; I've truly loved reading them. Although I haven't met all of you, I feel like I know you from the stories dad has told me throughout the years.

From: Mary Major
Ray is a work colleague who became a dear friend.  He led by example.  I learned so much from him by seeing the graceful way he handled the challenges in this earthly life.  He will me missed by many.  God bless and keep you until we meet again.

From: Kevin Hammond
The Valley has Truly lost one of the Good Guys!!
RIP Ray!!

From: Davy Stafford
I first worked with Ray in 1985 in the Sunderland plant in the United Kingdom. Ray was indeed a boots on the ground engineer. He made many friends in the UK who will all be saddened by his passing. He was always approachable and a font of knowledge as well as a kind and considerate gentleman. God's speed Ray.RIP

From: KwangJin Kim
I can't believe he passed away. My fun & favorite time in Corning NY was working with you Ray! We were Great Team. I miss his kind word and humor. Rest in Peace.

From: John Valade

The pleasure was all mine to have known Ray and work with him and learn from him for 25 years. You know you’ve left a legacy when years after you’ve stopped coming to the office, we are thinking  of you and wondering- what would Ray have done to fix this?  Ray was a special man - always kind and respectful and ready to help the younger engineers.
He leaves a hole and he is missed.  My deepest condolences to his son, daughter and family

From: Megan DeLamielleure

I met Ray in 2000 as a new hire melting engineer.  He was incredibly generous with his time, showing me all around the melting equipment and answering endless questions.  We had too much fun overseas - I will never forget his karaoke “My Way”.  He will be missed.

From: Scott Hauptman
The world has lost one of the best engineers ever. Ray was not only great at design, but willing to share that knowledge. A truly great man who will be sincerely missed. Rest In Peace my friend. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

From: Wee-Yew Lee
It is with great sadness that I found out of Ray’s passing today. Like many I too had the great honor of working with and being mentored by Ray when I first joined Corning 10 years ago. Ray was definitely one of the few great engineers I ever had the opportunity to work with and learn from. Ray took me on my first trip to Asia with Corning and “showed me the ropes”. It is also with great regret that I am unable to return home to pay my final respect to a great mentor, true friend and a wonderful colleague. Ray, you will be greatly missed. Thank you and may you rest in peace.

From: Bonhyoung Koo
It was the highest honor to work with Ray in my entire career. Back in 2006 the first division person who I met since I enter the SCP was him. Since then he became one of my great mentors and good friend. 2 years ago I met him in Corning, NY though it was a short period of time and I gave an Korea traditional source also know as SSAMJANG. And he said that he were missing every Korean people working with him and Korea culture as well. From now, I miss you so much, Ray.

From: Jason Lin
I knew Ray over 10 years since he was supported TC plant expansion project. I learned lots of design concept from Ray. It is my honored to have the chance to work with Ray in the past. I will miss him, Rest In Peace and God bless.

From: Kim Smith
Ray was meticulous with his appearance. Hair and clothes always in place. Ray was great to work with and always had a smile. You knew when you worked with Ray that in the end,whatever project you were on would be perfect. Prayers to all his family.

From: Mike Angolia
Deeply saddened to learn of Ray’s passing. Highly respected and highly regarded, he was a great friend, colleague and mentor to many.  May he Rest In Peace.  
Sincerest sympathies to the family.

From: Dan Liebner
So sorry to hear of Ray’s passing. I knew Ray for many years. Ray was a great engineer. I worked and traveled with him which was a true joy, as I respected him so highly. Ray learned, listened and taught , may you Rest In Peace.

From: Jerry Ho
It's my pleasure and honor to work with Ray for TC/TN repair project in the past. He always help us to solve problems tirelessly. I will miss your wise and humorous. Thank you and may you rest in peace.

From: Jason MacNeal
Ray was truly one of the good guys.  We first met on the melting floor of the Harrodsburg plant.  Ray was there watch over a new design being implemented for the first time.  As a very new employee with Corning, I was not only impressed with his hands on interest and dedication to ensuring success of the design, but also his same approach in making sure the new guy was a success.   I am lucky to have known Ray.   Rest In Peace my friend.

From: Galen Negaard
Ray was a special soul who I had the pleasure to know for ~ 25 years.  It is safe to say that Ray taught the entire CDT team how to build our furnaces and he was always available to help us through difficult situations.  He was a great teacher and friend.  Rest in Peace my brother! 

From: JB Lee
I am so sad his passing. He was one of greatest man of my colleagues. I will not forget him and his kindness. It has been a great honor for me be with him.

From: Kwang Hyun Lee
I am deeply saddened by the news of my friend Ray's passing.
God rest his soul in peace.

From: Segi Jun
I met Ray about 20 years ago. He was my first mentor in Corning. He is more than mentor & friend.
My thoughts & prayers are with his family. RIP Ray.

From: Kirk Klingensmith
I knew Ray my entire 37 year career. Met him on my first day. (Probably met him during my interview). He mentored me as a young engineer. He was a great guy. Great attitude. Figured out how to get it done. Ray was a legend in Corning inc.

From: Ed Comfort
I was truly saddened when I received word of Ray’s passing.  I have so many fond memories of time spent with Ray in Japan and Taiwan and many gatherings in Corning, NY.  RIP Ray and you will always have a great place in my memories. To all of Ray’s family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

From: hongdae bae
It reminds me of the old Haky.
There was a time when I drank beer and played with dogs at Fraley's house.
Pray for the bliss of dead.

From: Joyce Freitas
Many prayers to Ray’s family and friends.     I met Ray at Corning Incorporated in the mid ‘80’s and worked with him up to my retirement in 2016.     
Ray was always the most respectable person to know, learn from, sharing laughs and to work with.     One admirable memory is - Ray always greeted you with a warm smile regardless of what was happening.     No issue was too big fir him.     
Ray will be greatly missed.

From: Youngdae Jo
I couldn’t believe when I heard Ray passed away.
It has been a great honor of working with Ray. He was a great mentor when I worked at the decker building.
Thank you Ray and I wish you peace and comfort.

From: Byung-chul Jeon
So sad to hear, but I believe your drawings and lessons stay with us although you went to heaven.  You are always kind of me even I ask you a stupid question.  I will be missing your advice, drink, and singing time with you.  We deeply appreciate your accomplishments and contributions.
Mr. Fraley, rest in peace and know that we will never forget you.

From: Scott Greenberg
Sincere condolences to the Fraley family. 
An honorable man, a great Corning colleague, and a friend that always shared a great laugh over a beer.  Cherished memories.

From: Pyeongho Kim
I am so sad his passing.  
I will not forget him and his kindness. 
It has been a great honor for me be with him.
I pray that you will rest in peace in heaven.

From: Eric Tsai
Ray had been one of the key mentors for me & Asia melting teams learning melter equipment knowledges. Recalled he came to TC plant to support E' end of tank life troubleshooting couple years ago. Asia melting teams learn a lot from Ray.   Our thoughts with Ray. Rest In Peace Ray!

From: JS Lee
In spite of a very few chances to talk with him in person, I was able to feel how kind he was. All people who know you will miss you. RIP, Ray.

From: June Satterly
My deepest condolences to the family. Ray always had a smile and happy to chat awhile. He will be missed by those that knew him.

From: byungjun Jung
I will remember the day I first met you in 1996. Ray, you were a wonderful person to everyone. I'm sad that I can't see you anymore, but thank you. Rest in peace Ray.

From: Joe and Shirley Liguori
We are so very sorry to hear of Ray's death. 
Although this is a sad time, we are remembering the great times we had with Ray from his days living above "Fred and Ethel" to Thanksgiving in Kentucky, to racing through the toll booth in Allentown without paying because Ray had said, "the light is green, go right through!" Remembering brings a smile. 
Rest in peace, Ray. You were one of the best!

From: Skip Tollerup
I met Ray when he started work at Corning in 1973.  We had desks next to each other and that began a friendship that lasted until now.  We went different ways in our careers at Corning, but we crossed paths often and always had time for a drink together.  He was as great an engineer as he was a friend.  His Knowledge and common sense made it easy for him to help others solve problems. Even with his health issues, he maintained an upbeat attitude and a sense of humor. I'll miss him.

From: Gautam Kudva
Working with Ray was a privilege.  Ray always made time for us - no matter the issue, no matter the time of day - he was always the kind and thoughtful engineer who wanted to make the people and the world around him better.   
Ray - you did make us better! you taught us to work in the field, to enable solutions, to think outside the box, and to do it with a smile!  A true legend in our midst.

From: Hal Nelson
Ray will always be remembered for the wonderful person that he was! His kindness and generosity were second to none...We all have such fond memories of Ray and are blessed to have been able to spend time with him for so many years...He touched us all! May he rest in peace! God Bless!

From: Terry Cockcroft
Worked many years with Ray at Corning Incorporated. Ray traveled a round the world for Corning and shared many stories about his work projects for the company. RIP my friend.

From: Ankit
No words can take away the pain of such a loss, May the soul of your father rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Deepest condolences. 
Your team is always here to support you.
If there is anything I can do to help you during this time, please do not hesitate to call me..

From: Peggy (Lambert) Ilardi
Condolences to all my Fraley cousins and to Ray's family. I didn't know Ray but did know his parents and his uncle Dick Fraley, who was also my uncle. I fondly remember growing up with my Fraley cousins and the fun at fun roller rink; where we roller skated to organ music. 
May Ray RIP in the arms of Jesus.

From: Nate Zink
My first project work with Corning involved working with Ray and travel to Asia for our production trials.  I learned a great deal from him and always had fun at the same time.  Ray was a wonderful person and will be dearly missed.

From: Sachin Sehgal
Sorry to hear this loss Lindsay. My condolences on the passing of your father. May his soul rest in peace. 

From: Dave Owen
Condolences to the Fraley family.Ray was a good friend and classmate. Lots of memories hanging out at the Park.

From: Linda Brooks
I had the pleasure of working with Ray for 13 years at Corning. He will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace Ray.

From: John Feenaughty
It was such a pleasure to know and work with Ray. He was a great mentor and role model for me. My condolences to the Fraley family, we have lost a great man.

From: Seong-kuk Lee
I told you when you retired that you joined Corning and I was born at same time. It was strange and interesting to me your life with Corning is the same as my whole life.
It's my pleasure and big help working with you, actually learning from you... I'll miss you, Ray.

From: Bonnie Bailey Every
Prayers for family and friends.

From: Wes Miley
I feel very grateful to have been able to learn from Ray, not just from his technical expertise, but mostly for how he inspired all of us by being a great role model of how to work with a team.  I will miss talking to him and will always strive to try to be like him.

From: Sherry and Jim Robinson
DeDe and Ken and Marilyn Jim and and I  are extremely sorry of the loss of Ray to you and your families. Loosing a sibling is a very emotional and heart breaking time. He was a wonderful person and has left a wonderful legacy behind. Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss. 
Prayers to you all, Jim and Sherry Robinson

From: Barak Griffin
The Harrodsburg Division Melting and Melt Rebuild family will miss dearly the wisdom and laughter that Ray provided on a regular basis. I had the pleasure of traveling with Ray on a couple occasions and witnessed the true respect that he earned from everyone he interacted with. He treated people well. He was an open door to anyone and always ready to help a junior engineer figure out new equipment. Ray, Thank you for always leading by example and putting others first!  Rest in peace.

From: Jeffery Knutson
My sympathies  to Ray’s family. I got to know Ray when I was director of engineering for Corning’s Display business. He was a terrific engineer, very well respected in both the U.S. and Asia. His accomplishments were honored with his appointment as a sr. Engineering Associate - one of the top honors for engineers in Corning. Will be missed by many

From: Barak Griffin
The Harrodsburg Division Melting and Melt Rebuild family will miss dearly the wisdom and laughter that Ray provided on a regular basis. I had the pleasure of traveling with Ray on a couple occasions and witnessed the true respect that he earned from everyone he interacted with. He treated people well. He was an open door to anyone and always ready to help a junior engineer figure out new equipment. Ray, Thank you for always leading by example and putting others first!  Rest in peace.

From: Shawn Markham
Ray was one of the first people I met working at Corning in 1991.  He was a great and caring person.  It was a pleasure to work and travel with him around the world.  He is one of the men who made a positive difference in this woman’s career.  He will be missed.
Shawn Markham

From: Karen and Kevin
We know there are no words we can speak during this sad time. We are very sorry for your loss.  We hope you feel God’s comfort as you grieve. We look forward to you carrying on Ray’s life as you share memories with us. We love you.

From: JP Chung
I was shocked to hear the sad news of the sudden passing of Ray Fraley. Ray and I worked together at Corning and we will never forget his immense capacity and contributions to the company and other people.

From: JP Chung
I wish Ray be peaceful in heaven. Ray was the best friend of me and CPM in Korea, and we will miss him. With prayers.

From: Ed Kelce
We lost a Very Special person in Ray Fraley. He Touched so many people. Was a pleasure to know & work with & Learn from him. Traveling with him to SK Japan saw how People Overseas highly respected him. Had a great down to earth people skill . Great sense of humor. We talked often about our early CGW Main Plant days. We both started in 1973. And our love of Classic Cars.  RIP Ray

From: Vance Tracy
Message: Prayers and condolences to Ray’s family and friends. Ray and I were WHS 1968 graduates. Have fond memories of Ray.

From: Tony Rossillo
To Brian And Lindsay,                                                                                                                                                     There is little one can say at a time like this.But I'd like you to know that I'm thinking  of you and that you have my heartfelt sympathy.Ray was a student of my.

From: Carrie Kupczyk
Marilyn and family-
Deepest sympathy in the loss of your brother and friend who was taken too soon. May reading the beautiful messages of those he mentored and worked with along with your beautiful memories of him bring comfort and help to ease the pain in time.
Carrie and Chet

From: Jim Lewis
Prayers to the family...We had so much fun working at Fraley's Park in the 60's...Running Rides,Skillo and Rock and Roll Bands Friday nights in the great Hall... Rip Brother...You will be missed my Friend!

From: Jim Lewis
Prayers to the family....We had so much fun working at the park in the 60's ...Working the rides,skillo,minature golf and Rock and Roll in the Great Hall Friday nights...RIP Brother..You'll be missed! God Speed!

From: Stephen Tubbs
I am so very sorry to hear of Ray's passing.  We were classmates at WHS; I have not seen Ray since the night of our graduation.  Ray was a kind, sincere person,gifted with intelligence and vigor. His outstanding professional success was never in doubt.  My sincere condolences to Ray's family and friends; may he rest in eternal peace with the Lord.

From: Sanae Tsuchiya
It was a great honor and fun to have known you for decades.  You were always with the floor people, and made yourself available as SME.  You developed so many engineers and technicians all over in Asia.
I enjoyed going out for dinner and Karaoke with you and your team.
Your soul may rest in Peace.
God Bless Ray.

From: Bob Turner
Just pause for a minute and imagine how wonderful our world would be if we only had more individuals like Ray Fraley. You will be missed. RIP my friend.

From: Donna Thomas
I met Ray in 1989 while working in the Melting Technology Division at Corning Incorporated.  As others have noted Ray always greeted you with a smile and was a pleasure to work with.  I remember him fondly.   RIP Ray and God Bless!

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