Blauvelt Funeral Home Services

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The mission of the Blauvelt Funeral Home is to ease the process for a family through a difficult time. We feel that this time should be a celebration of a life, not a time of frustration. We will help you with decisions that make for a meaningful funeral. Here are a few things we can help you with:

  1. Cemetery arrangements
  2. Crematory arrangements
  3. Clergy
  4. Filing for benefits
  5. Securing Death Certificates
  6. Filing Death Certificate
  7. Filing for copies of Death Certificate
  8. Permit for Burial
  9. Permit for Cremation
  10. Filing for VA Benefits
    1. American Flag
    2. Grave Marker
    3. Death Benefits
  11. Notifying Social Security
  12. Notifying Service Organizations
  13. Newspaper
  14. Floral Arrangements
  15. Headstone Purchase
  16. Last Dates on Markers
  17. Hotels
  18. Restaurants
  19. Bed & Breakfast
  20. Airport Arrangements
  21. Pre-Arrangement
  22. Pre-Financing
  23. Social Security

Blauvelt Funeral Home