Planning Your Funeral with
Blauvelt Funeral Home


4 C's of Preplanning a Funeral at Blauvelt Funeral Home…

  1. Choice - you choose the funeral service that you want.
  2. Comfort – your family's burden will be reduced at a difficult time.
  3. Compliance – your prepaid funeral arrangements qualify for SSI/Medicaid exemptions.
  4. Confidence – your money is invested in safe, government-backed securities that yield an excellent rate.

What if you are applying for SSI/Medicaid Assistance.

If you or someone in your family will be applying for assistance under one of these programs, contact the Blauvelt Funeral Home as soon as possible. Federal and state law provide that properly trusted assets intended for payment of funeral expenses will not be considered as a resource when eligibility is determined. Setting aside monies for burial expenses is now extremely simplified. See one of our funeral directors for further information.

How to use Preplan when applying for SSI/Medicaid.

  • Select Blauvelt Funeral Home who offers Preplan
  • Select the funeral of your choice
  • Completely prefund the arrangements and enter into an Irrevocable Customer Agreement
  • Inform your social worker that you have properly preserved those assets for your burial expenses by Preplan


Preparing for SSI/Medicaid eligibility isn't the only reason to prearrange
a funeral.

Selecting and prefunding your burial expenses removes the burden from family members and loved ones at a difficult time. In addition, preplanning allows you to become informed of Veterans Administration, Social Security, fraternal, civic and other benefits that may be available to your family at the time of death.

Select and completely prefund the funeral of your choice.

When people prepay their funeral arrangements at Blauvelt Funeral Home we deposit 100% of the money into a trust account. Each account in the Preplan is fully insured by the FDIC to the extent permitted by law. Funds are placed in FDIC insured bank deposit account(s), certificates of deposit in a bank and other investments permitted by law.